World Bank Latest Vacancies, 2013

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JOB #: 130874
JOB TITLE: Procurement Specialist
JOB FAMILY: Procurement
JOB TYPE: Professional & Technical
LOCATION: Abuja, Nigeria
CLOSING DATE: 21-Apr-2013

Background / General description:

The World Bank, Country Office in Nigeria is looking for a highly organized, energized and experienced professional, capable of operating effectively in a very demanding fast-paced environment to serve as a local Procurement Specialist.

The procurement services, in Africa Region of the World Bank, are provided by a Procurement – West (AFTPW) and Procurement – East (AFTPE) that is part of the Africa Core Operations Services Sector. (AFTOS).  AFTOS also includes, Development Effectiveness (AFTDE), Financial Management – East (AFTME), Financial Management – West (AFTMW) and Safeguards (AFTSG) .

The Procurement Specialist will be located in the World Bank Country Office in Abuja, Nigeria to support Bank’s operations in Nigeria and in other countries assigned from time to time. S/he will also work on country procurement system improvements. The work implies frequent interaction with Managers and Technical Specialists in the sector and country management units and staff from other agencies, donors, consultants and borrowers. More specifically, working together with other procurement specialists in the same country office, and under the guidance and supervision of the Lead Procurement Specialist (Procurement Hub Coordinator) based in the Nigeria country office, and under the management of Regional Procurement Manager – West (RPM) based in Washington.

Note: If the selected candidate is a current Bank Group staff member with a Regular or Open-Ended appointment, s/he will retain his/her Regular or Open-Ended appointment. All others will be offered a 5 year term appointment.

Duties and Accountabilities:

Specifically, the incumbent will be responsible for the following:

•               Provide procurement support during project preparation; and project implementation (including prior and post reviews of all procurement documents and decisions for selected projects in Nigeria, and other countries as required from time to time, of the projects portfolio financed by the Bank;
•               Assist the Borrower in procurement capacity building activities including support during country procurement assessment and the procurement reform process;
•               Work on procurement matters across sectors in the performance of the Bank’s fiduciary and service functions, seeking guidance on complex projects/issues from senior procurement staff;
•               Review and handle the technical, commercial and legal aspects of procurement (in consultation with Legal and Policy departments as necessary) at all stages of the project cycle;
•               Provide operational advice to clients and Bank staff on concepts, policies and procedures for international and local procurement;
•               Participate in missions as procurement expert on projects; assess procurement implications of project design, evaluate institutional capacity of borrowers and develop suitable procurement plans; conduct prior and post reviews of Bank-financed contracts;
•               Participate in country procurement assessments; prepare background analysis; collaborate on developing appropriate public procurement legislation and practices;
•               Negotiate and resolve difficult procurement issues with Borrower agencies and handle questions/ complaints from senior officials and contractors on bidding and award issues;
•               Prepare a range of procurement-related documents and reports; and providing guidance and training to junior procurement staff.
•        Under the guidance of the Procurement Hub Coordinator, review and handle procurement-related complaints and misprocurement cases, and liaise with the Department of Institutional Integrity (INT) on cases relating to fraud and corruption in procurement and contracting process.
•               Monitor and ensure compliance with Bank’s procurement fiduciary policies and performance against Bank service standards for procurement under projects in the Nigeria portfolio.

Selection Criteria:

A Masters degree with a major in a relevant discipline (e.g. Engineering, Law, Procurement, Finance, Business or Commerce) and relevant training in procurement work.

•              At least five (5) years of direct relevant work experience as Procurement Specialist or alternatively, having had responsibilities with a substantial content of his/her position in the procurement area in or outside the World Bank;
•              Good knowledge of all concepts and principles of and approaches to international procurement, and of public procurement systems;
•              Knowledge and understanding of technical, commercial and legal aspects of procurement at all phases of Bank lending operations;
•              Demonstrated analytical clarity, problem-solving skills and negotiating skills with ability to balance project objectives and procurement requirements with client needs;
•              Task/ Project management skills;
•              Strong communication skills in presenting, discussing and resolving difficult issues, both orally and in writing, and excellent listening skills;
•              Ability to deal sensitively with a multi-cultural environment and build effective business relationships with clients and colleagues within a matrix management environment;
•              Ability to function effectively in multi-disciplinary teams with a matrix management environment;
•              Exceptional degree of integrity, judgment and tact in handling the most sensitive, diverse and confidential material.
•              Understanding of Bank business objectives, policies and practices related to project/sector and critical links to procurement is desirable.
•              experience in public procurement reforms will be an advantage;


Procurement Principles – Possesses solid knowledge of public procurement principles, regulations and approaches to international procurement with proven ability to independently provide well researched analyses of complex procurement issues and problems.
Bank Procurement Policies – Possesses solid knowledge of Bank procurement policies and procedures and their application to Bank operations.
Procurement Transactions – Possesses broad experience in procurement process and planning, including bidding documents, evaluation reports and contracts.
Procurement Under Bank Financed Operations – Has solid knowledge of technical, commercial and legal aspects of procurement in Bank lending operations with ability to carry out capacity assessment, risk mitigation design plan and procurement arrangements for relatively non-complex operations.
Public Procurement Systems & Reform – Has knowledge and experience in the contribution to procurement AAA; familiar with main public procurement systems and PFM assessment tools used by the Bank.
Operational Project Management – Demonstrates broad knowledge of project management tools & methodologies; identifies key risks and mitigation measures; interprets background analysis and proposed solutions.
Client Orientation – Takes personal responsibility and accountability for timely response to client queries, requests or needs, working to remove obstacles that may impede execution or overall success.
Drive for Results – Takes personal ownership and accountability to meet deadlines and achieve agreed-upon results, and has the personal organization to do so.
Teamwork (Collaboration) and Inclusion – Collaborates with other team members and contributes productively to the team’s work and output, demonstrating respect for different points of view.
Knowledge, Learning and Communication – Actively seeks knowledge needed to complete assignments and shares knowledge with others, communicating and presenting information in a clear and organized manner.
Business Judgment and Analytical Decision Making – Analyzes facts and data to support sound, logical decisions regarding own and others’ work.

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World Bank Vacancies for Finance Officers

Job #: 122035
Job title: Finance Officer (2 Positions) – Loans Disbursement
Job family: Accounting
Job type: Professional & Technical
Grade: GF
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Recruitment Type: Local Hire
Language Requirement: English [Essential]; French [Desired]; Portuguese [Desired]

Background / General Description:

The World Bank’s Controller’s Vice Presidency (CTR) is responsible for all aspects of the financial reporting and internal control framework for the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), the International Development Association (IDA) and the extensive Trust Fund/Partnership portfolio of these two entities. The Controller’s Vice Presidency is also responsible for expressing the Bank’s viewpoint on controls over Bank operations particularly those which validate the appropriateness of loan disbursements.

Organizationally, CTR comprises the (1) Financial Instruments Accounting and Valuation (2) Loans, and (3) Client Services Departments, as well as the Financial Analysis and Reporting, Accounting Policy, Knowledge Dissemination, and Operational Risks and Controls units. These teams collectively include approximately 400 staff; of which 150 are located in Washington DC with the remaining 250 located in regional offices, the largest being in Chennai, India.

The Loan Department (CTRLD) is the focal point within the Bank for exercising fiduciary controls over its lending operations, including responsibility for ensuring that loan funds are used for their intended purposes. In this regard it collaborates actively and maintains close working relationships with Regional Management, Financial Management (FM) and Procurement (PR) Networks, Legal Department (LEG), Treasury Department (TRE), Concessional Finance and Global Partnerships (CFP), Department of Institutional Integrity (INT) and the Internal Auditing Department (IAD) in discharging this responsibility. The Loan Department also coordinates closely with Operational Policy and Country Services (OPCS) on professional excellence on the part of all finance professionals employed by the institution, and supports building the capacity of Bank borrowers to enable them to introduce and maintain sound accounting and financial management systems and procedures relating to public funds.

CTRLD has approximately 120 staff, with about one third currently based in Washington, DC and the others located in seven main regional centers around the world (Brasilia, Beijing, Zagreb, Chennai, Manila, Johannesburg, and Nairobi). The Loan Department (CTRLD), which has been realigned so as to be more client focused, is primarily responsible for the formulation and administration of the Bank’s financial policies and procedures relating to disbursement of funds from IBRD loans, IDA credits, the Project Preparation Facility (PPF), Institutional Development Fund (IDF) Grants, Recipient-Executed Trust Funds and other financial products of the Bank.

The Finance Officer will be based in Nairobi, Kenya and will report to the Division Manager, CTRLA.

Note: If the selected candidate is a current Bank Group staff member with a Regular or Open-Ended appointment, s/he will retain his/her Regular or Open-Ended appointment. All others will be offered a 3 year term appointment.

Duties and accountabilities:

1. Preparation, Appraisal, Negotiations and Board Approval.
a. For pipeline projects in assigned portfolio countries, provide support to task teams by reviewing project documents (Project Concept Notes, Project Appraisal Documents, Financing Agreements, etc.) and other sources of information, providing timely inputs and raising issues which may have an impact on disbursement arrangements, or are unclear, and escalate to management any issues that require management action or support.
b. Advise the task team on disbursement related aspects of loans/credits/grants/TFs to ensure they are consistent with Bank policies and will adequately support project implementation with due regard for economy and efficiency.
c. Prepare disbursement letters, loan repayment terms and amortization schedules, and participate in project preparation meetings including technical discussions and negotiations.
d. Review and clear project documents including, negotiation and board packages, in accordance with CTRLD standard procedures and applicable Bank policies.
e. Ensure accuracy of loan master data (financing table and loan set-up) for IBRD loans, and IDA credits and grants.
f. Carry out responsibilities as part of the CTRLD Portfolio team in compliance with CTRLD’s control framework.
2. Portfolio Management.
a. For active projects in assigned portfolio countries, provide on-going support to task teams on loan management and disbursement related activities including monitoring continuing adequacy of disbursement arrangements and impact of fiduciary arrangements such as audit discrepancies, serious internal control issues, changes in project fiduciary staff or implementing unit, and high risk operations, and suggesting the appropriate mitigating measures and changes to the task team, including amending the disbursement letter when necessary.
b. Support portfolio management activities including (a) review and clearing of restructuring packages and other amendments such as changes to eligible expenditures, extension of closing dates, and cancellation and recommitment of funds, (b) provide capacity building to clients on disbursement issues, and (c) timely review of key project documents and (d) physical verification and substantive field operational reviews to ensure disbursement for high risk operations and transactions are appropriate for payment and comply with the CTRLD control framework.
c. Support disbursement processing activities including (a) review if IFRs, and (b) ex-post review of e-disbursement applications (withdrawal applications that are electronically submitted online), among other related activities.
3. E-Disbursements. Work with and support the e-business team and disbursement team to manage the successful deployment of e-Disbursement in assigned portfolio countries in accordance with CTRLD’s implementation plan.
4. Regional and country programs. Provide timely input to regional and country level activities such as regional portfolio meetings, regional dialogue with fiduciary groups, Country Assistance Strategy (including progress updates), Country Portfolio Performance Reviews, country portfolio meetings, country dialogue, Governance and Anti-Corruption issues, Fragile and Conflict Situation (FCS) Working Groups, etc.
5. Support Corporate and Departmental Activities.
a. Participate, via working groups or cross support, or lead major corporate and departmental activities and initiatives.
b. Contribute to the improvement and refinement of Bank policies and procedures as they relate to disbursements.

Selection criteria:

Minimum Education/Work Experience: Professional certification (fully qualified as CPA, ACCA, CA, CFA or equivalent) required and Master’s degree (preferred) in Accounting, Finance or Business and 7-8 years of relevant experience in portfolio management, project implementation, accounting, auditing and/or contract management.
• Language Skills: Ability to communicate effectively, in writing and orally, in English. Fluency to communicate (oral and written) in French or Portuguese, is desired.
• Relevant knowledge of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), internal controls procedures and financial management.
• Knowledge and application of the Bank operational policies, including understanding the interaction between the Bank’s Operational Policies, Bank Procedures, regional policies and individual trust fund programs as they relate to disbursements.
• Ability to exercise professional judgment and appropriately interpret and apply operational policies, as they relate to disbursements.
• Knowledge of the Bank’s lending products and choices of repayment terms.
• Strong quantitative skills with superior attention to detail and numerical accuracy.
• Strong analytical and conceptual skills with demonstrated ability to interpret data, assess issues, develop sound conclusions, and formulate remedial measures.
• Ability to manage complex tasks, deal with rapidly shifting priorities, provide professional support to senior staff and deliver against ambitious deadlines.
• Capacity to work simultaneously, effectively and efficiently on a variety of diverse issues and tasks, independently adjusting priorities and achieving results with agreed objectives and deadlines.
• Ability to operate effectively in a matrix management environment, as a team member reporting to both the Regional Team Leader and the Manager, CTRLA.
• Strong client focus including good interpersonal, diplomatic and team building skills required for building and maintaining collaborative relationships.
• Strong communication skills, including the ability to speak persuasively and explain portfolio and procedural guidelines effectively, in writing and orally, including situations requiring negotiation with Borrower representatives.
• Ability to prepare learning materials and presentations and experience to deliver training in the required languages.
• Ability to provide guidance to less experienced staff, as needed.
• Willingness to learn new skills and seek help from others.
• Capacity to deal sensitively in multi-cultural environment and build effective working relations with clients and colleagues at all levels.
• Committed team player with demonstrated ability to effectively work in a collaborative fashion across organizational boundaries and in a multi-dimensional and multi-functional work program.
• Fully proficient in MS Office applications (Excel, Word, Power Point)and working knowledge of other World Bank applications (desirable).
• Understanding of information systems and the application of new technology.
• Willingness to travel on short-term assignments

Due date: 30 September, 2012

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