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RazorEdge is a peak performance coaching Service Company that is focused on business/personal development strategy, transitional and Transformational change Expert. Helping businesses and Cooperate personalities achieve more than just success but fulfillment.

We provide highly effective customized coaching services to individuals, businesses and cooperate organizations that wants to attain maximum performance. Our unique strategic and effective tools helps our clients to; Identify core potential and live from it, clarify personal and professional goals, Identify limiting believes and overcome them, build a success/ wealth files, create balance between work and personal life, develop, live on a new life philosophy with meaning and effectively help you through all transitional and transformational change stages .
We help our cooperate clients to; Build teams that work, create a problem solving culture, evaluate organizational culture and believe system, help teams draw from their “higher self” for maximum performance, develop effective communication channels, Increase individual and group productivity and deal with any other transitional and transformational concerns of the organization.

Our service

We offer various packages of coaching services for personal and organizational advancement and transitional change

Personal Developmental Transformation for maximum performance (PDT-MP):

This package is designed for you to;
·  Identify your core potential and live from it
·  Clarify your personal goals
·   Identify your limiting believes and overcome them
·   Build a success/ wealth files
·   Create balance between work and personal life
·   Develop and live on a new life philosophy
·   Manage any transformational change process in your life etc.

Team Developmental Transformation for Maximum Performance (TDT-MP)

This package is designed for organization to;
·  Build teams that works
·  Create a problem solving culture
·  Evaluate Team performance and believe system
·  Help Team members draw from their “higher self” for maximum performance
·  Develop effective communication channels among Team members
·  Increase individual and group productivity
·  Manage any transformational change process etc.

Career Transformation and Development for Maximum performance (CTD-MP)

This package will help you;
·   Clarify your career path and goals by identifying your true potentials
·   Identify hidden potentials and develop them
·   Speed up your career growth process
·   Develop skills, habits and character that is relevant in your growth process
·   Manage any transformational change process in your career development. etc

Business Developmental Transformation for Maximum Productivity (BDT-MP)

This package will coach the business owner in the process of;

·  Siness start-ups and all its requirements
·  Business development and sales strategy
·  Strategic planning for growth
·  Customer service innovation
· Manage any transformational change process of the business etc.

Transition and Transformational Change Process (TTCP)

This package is for individuals, businesses, groups and organizations that want to;

·   Embark on a major transformation change
·   Improve the quality of your processes
·  Take a major leap that requires due diligence check etc

Training/Facilitation and speaking engagement

We facilitate and speak at cooperate and social functions such for individual and organizations, such as;

·  Team bonding and staff get together meetings
·  End of year programs and annual general meetings
·  Staff Motivation meetings
·  High school end of year programs
·  Youth empowerment programs etc

Benefit of using RAZOREDGE Coaching

·   It will add worth to your service out-put
·   It will help you and your organization reach your goal faster
·   It will save you man hours and improve effectiveness
·   It is cost effective

Our method of coaching is designed to suite your personality and schedules, that no matter where you are or live in around the world we can still work together perfectly.

We Offer;

·        One 2 one coaching sessions
·        Telephone coaching sessions
·        E-mail Coaching sessions

Register for a FREE Coaching Seminar today by clicking http://www.maximumperformancecoach.com/new

This special offer starts on the 10th and end 14th February, 2012. HURRY NOW and APPLY

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