SenceWorld HR-Vacancy

Society for Human Resource Management
Society for Human Resource Management (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our client a dynamic and Innovative HR company in Lagos is looking for young, energetic, bright and trainable persons to join its business. This is an opportunity for persons who are interested in building an enduring career in strategic Human Resource Management.

To qualify the candidate must have the following;

1.  The mental ability to buy- into the vision of the company.
2.  Passion for Human Resource Management
3.  Excellent interpersonal skills
4.  The ability to think outside the box.
5.  Very good problem solving skills
6.  Entrepreneurial skills.
7.  Excellent communication skills both written and oral
8.  An eye for detail
9.  Great attitude to work.

(Selected candidates must come prepared to prove beyond reasonable doubt their abilities in this area.)

Duties and responsibilities
Some of the duties include;

1.  Developing new business ideas and services in response to client’s needs.
2.  Providing innovative solutions to problems.
3.  Handling staffing issues in varied environments.
4.  Creatively sourcing for staff in unusual circumstances.
5.  Managing client’s accounts and ensuring that accounts are settled timely.
6.  Writing proposals and reports to clients and management alike.
7.   Building and maintaining good relationships with clients even after the conclusion    of a job.
8.  Managing the recruitment process from identifying client’s to final selection.
9.  Administering HR policies in line with best practice.

We pay for performance. Non-performers not welcomed.!!!!

Qualification and experience

To be selected the candidate must be no older that 27 years of age and must have the following;

a)  Between 2-3 years HR experience
b)  A good degree from a reputable University.
c)  Good exposure to strategic thinking.

To apply send a copy of your resume to Please note that all candidates should be prepared to take a selection test. All CV must reach us no later than Friday August 16 2013.



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