Entry Level Recruitment KPMG Nigeria

The logo of KPMG.
The logo of KPMG. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)





KPMG Nigeria has commenced her recruitment drive for talents (Fresh Hires) expected to join the great firm in October 2013.


Requirements are:
–       Minimum of 5 credits SSCE result (including Maths and English Language) at one sitting

–       Minimum of Second Class Upper division (2.1) at the undergraduate level

–       Must not be above 26 years of age; and

–       Must have completed NYSC before 9 September, 2013.

Eligible applicants should send their CVs to careers@ng.kpmg.com on or before Friday 19 April, 2013.

BET 3 Sponsored Program for 50 Entrepreneurial

Are you an entrepreneur? How long has your business been in operation? Is your business registered? Then you can apply now for BET 3 program sponsored by Diamond Bank to 50 deserving entrepreneurs to acquire 5 months capacity training, support services and get N3 million grant at the Pan-African University!

Log on to www.edc.edu.ng, click on: Building Entrepreneurs Today, download the application form, fill and all completed forms should be sent to bet@pau.edu.ng


Fan Milk PLC Vacancies

Fan Milk PLC is a leading manufacturer and marketer of healthy, nutritious and safe frozen dairy and non-frozen dairy food products with distribution channels across the length and breadth of Nigeria.

We pride ourselves in providing nourishing and healthy food products at an affordable price to all Nigerian, and we offer a fantastic range of products to cover all age groups and all consumer groups.


Sales Control Executive      Apply

PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES: Lead team monitoring lodgments by customers into FMN accounts via on-line statements, SMS alerts, and Master Wallet on mobile platforms Keep SCO’s updated on developments in FMN that concern credit and payment policies Ensure customer’s balance in more

Customer Relations Executive  Apply

PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES: Lead Order Office team to manage sales order transactions in line with best practices and company policies Keep CRO’s updated on developments in FMN that affect sales transactions: price changes, promotions, new products, payment policies etc Provide more

Call Center Manager                  Apply

PRINCIPAL ACCOUNTABILITIES: The person must be able to plan daily work schedules for call centre staff Develop and train operatives to attain professional standards in executing their assigned tasks Monitor operatives to ensure full compliance with company policies and procedures more

Massive Recruitment at an Indigenous Engineering Company (Oil & Gas)

An indigenous Engineering Company involved in the engineering design and management of projects in the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry seeks applications from qualified Nigerians to fill up different positions in her organization in Lagos.

1.) Principal Instrument Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/01/PE/N
Years of Experience: 15

2.) Snr. Instrument Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/02/SE/N
Years of Experience: 12

3.) Interm. Instrument Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/03/IE/N
Years of Experience: 10

4.) Instrument Engineering
Ref No: HR/2013/04/EE/N
Years of Experience: 6

5.) Snr. Instrument Designer
Ref No: HR/2013/05/SD/N
Years of Experience: 8

6.) Snr. Subsea Instrument Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/06/SE/N
Years of Experience: 12

7.) Subsea Instrument Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/07/EE/N
Years of Experience: 8

8.) Snr. Telocmmunication Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/08/SE/N
Years of Experience: 12

9.) Telecommunication Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/09/SE/N
Years of Experience: 8

10.) Principal Material & Corrosion Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/10/PE/N
Years of Experience: 15

11.) Snr. Material & Corrosion Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/11/SE/N
Years of Experience: 12

12.) Material & Corrosion Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/12/EE/N
Years of Experience: 6

13.) Principal Piping Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/13/PE/N
Years of Experience: 15

14.) Snr. Piping Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/14/SE/N
Years of Experience: 12

15.) Snr. Piping Stress Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/15/SE/N
Years of Experience: 12

16.) Piping Designer
Ref No: HR/2013/16/JD/N
Years of Experience: 3

17.) Snr. Piping Design
Ref No: HR/2013/17/SD/N
Years of Experience: 8

18.) Sni Support Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/18/SE/N
Years of Experience: 12

19.) Principal Pipeline Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/19/PE/N
Years of Experience: 12

20.) Snr. Pipeline Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/20/SE/N
Years of Experience: 12

21.) Pipeline Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/21/EE/N
Years of Experience: 6

22.) Pipeline Designer
Ref No: HR/2013/22/JD/N
Years of Experience: 3

23.) Principal Electrical Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/23/PE/N
Years of Experience: 15

24.) Snr. Electrical Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/24/SE/N
Years of Experience: 12
25.) Intermediate Electrical Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/25/IE/N
Years of Experience: 10

26.) Project Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/26/PJ/N
Years of Experience: 12

27.) Project Manager
Ref No: HR/2013/27/PJ/N
Years of Experience: 15

28.) IT Engineers
Ref No: HR/2013/28/IT/N
Years of Experience: 6

29.) Cat & Specs Engineers
Ref No: HR/2013/29/PJ/N
Years of Experience: 12
30.) HR Officers
Ref No: HR/2013/30/HR/N
Years of Experience: 3

31.) Control Administrators
Ref No: HR/2013/31/PJ/N
Years of Experience: 8

32.) Project Secretaries
Ref No: HR/2013/32/HR/N
Years of Experience: 3

33.) Snr. Electrical Designer
Ref No: HR/2013/33/SD/N
Years of Experience: 8

34.) Principal Process Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/34/PE/N
Years of Experience: 15

35.) Snr. Process Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/35/SE/N
Years of Experience: 12

36.) Intermediate Process Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/36/IE/N
Years of Experience: 10

37.) Principal Static Equipment Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/37/PE/N
Years of Experience: 15

38.) Snr. Static Equipment Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/38/SE/N
Years of Experience: 12

39.) Principal Rotating Equipment Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/39/PE/N
Years of Experience: 15

40.) Snr. Rotating Equipment Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/40/SE/N
Years of Experience: 12

41.) Principal Civil/Structural Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/41/PE/N
Years of Experience: 15
42.) Snr. Civil/Structural Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/42/SE/N
Years of Experience: 12

43.) Civil/ Structural Designer
Ref No: HR/2013/43/JD/N
Years of Experience: 3

44.) Snr. Civil/Structural
Ref No: HR/2013/44/SD/N
Years of Experience: 12

45.) Procurement Coordinator
Ref No: HR/2013/45/PR/N
Years of Experience: 8

46.) Expeditor
Ref No: HR/2013/46/PR/N
Years of Experience: 6

47.) Logistic Coordinator
Ref No: HR/2013/47/PR/N
Years of Experience: 6

48.) Snr. Planning/Scheduling Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/48/PC/N
Years of Experience: 12

49.) Snr. Cost Estimating Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/49/PC/N
Years of Experience: 12

50.) Project Accountants
Ref No: HR/2013/50/FAD/N
Years of Experience: 6

51.) Interface Engineers
Ref No: HR/2013/51/PJ/N
Years of Experience: 8

52.) Cost Control Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/52/PC/N
Years of Experience: 4

53.) HSE Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/53/HSEQ/N
Years of Experience: 4

54.) QA/QC Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/54/HSEQ/N
Years of Experience: 4

55.) Technical Safety/Loss Prevention Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/55/HSEQ/N
Years of Experience: 6

56.) Construction/Commissioning Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/56/PJ/N
Years of Experience: 8

57.) Lead Cost Engineering
Ref No: HR/2013/57/PC/N
Years of Experience: 15

58.) Lead Project Control Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/58/PC/N
Years of Experience: 15

59.) Lead Planning & Scheduling Engr.
Ref No: HR/2013/59/PC/N
Years of Experience: 15

60.) Snr Cost Control Engineer
Ref No: HR/2013/60/PC/N
Years of Experience: 12

61.) Cost Estimator
Ref No: HR/2013/61/PC/N
Years of Experience: 8

General Requirements:
1) For Engineering positions

  • Candidates must be graduates in engineering and/or related disciplines with a minimum of B. Eng or B.SC (Second Class Upper), (i.e. Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil/Structural).
  • Applicants must be familiar with relevant international design codes and standards, including skills in applicable discipline software for analysis, drafting and modeling of onshore and offshore oil and gas facilities like SACs (with good knowledge of Fatigue Analysis), PDMS, Intools, SKM Power Tools, ETAP, Ceaser II etc.
  • Applicants must have good years of experience as detailed below in oil and gas facility design.
  • Candidates within Nigeria must be COREN registered, while applicants from outside Nigeria must belong to professional bodies registerable with COREN.

2.) For non-Engineering positions

  • Candidates must be graduates of Accountancy, Business Administration, Law and Languages with BSC or BA (Second Class Upper).

Application Closing Date
19th March, 2013

Method of Application
Interested applicants should sand their applications to njaforum@yahoo.com

Note: Successful candidates will be required to carry out or support engineering design of onshore and offshore oil and gas facilities, in a multi-disciplinary project environment anywhere in Nigeria.


Chevron Nigeria Vacancies

Chevron Corporation
Chevron Corporation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Come be a part of a dynamic team in one of Chevron‘s largest exploration and production companies and one of Africa‘s most prolific oil-producing countries.

Chevron has been active in Nigeria since 1913, when legacy company Texaco products were first brought to the market. As Texaco Overseas (Nigeria) Petroleum Co. (TOPCON) and later Chevron Nigeria Ltd. (CNL), the company discovered Nigeria’s first offshore oil fields in 1963-the Koluama and Okan fields.

In 1997 CNL started the Escravos Gas Project (EGP), the nation’s first major project to gather and process natural gas. Continuing the search for offshore oil, CNL discovered the Agbami field in 1999 and uncovered potential recoverable resources of 900 million barrels of oil equivalent, Nigeria’s largest ever deepwater discovery.

Today Chevron has the largest acreage position in deepwater offshore Nigeria. CNL is expanding rapidly and investing significant capital to drive long-term production growth in Deepwater and Gas, as well as other base businesses. At the same time, Chevron is committed to actively promoting a safe and healthy environment.

Open Jobs

Here is a list of available jobs as advertised by the company. You may click on the Ref. No. for a particular job to view detailed information about that job e.g. description, qualification, experience etc. If you meet the requirement for any of the advertised jobs and you are interested in applying, kindly click on the Apply Now button.

Note that you may be required to Sign In or submit your curriculum vitae if you’ve not done so. To update your submitted CV or login credentials, use the Update Profile link.


Ref. No. 

Job Title

Job Category


Closing Date





Asset Development



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Supply Chain Management



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MPH Consulting Services, Contract Job, Nigeria

Type: Contract
Location: Nigeria
Region: Port-Harcourt
Town: Port-Harcourt
Posted By: MPH Consulting Services
Date Posted: 07 Mar 2013
Expiry Date: 13 Mar 2013
Job Reference: Job Description
Work Scheme: Resident; 6 Weeks ON * 2 Weeks OFF; This schedule can be adapted in case of any critical or urgent requirement.

SERVICES Objectives:

  • To ensure efficient procurement services with the best possible compromise between “delivery”, “quality” and “price/cost”. Failure to do so may expose the Company to operational problems with huge cost implications.
  • To continually improve current procurement practices. Identifying opportunities to enhance the Supply Chain.
  • To ensure all purchasing activities meet audit requirements in compliance with DGEP/TEPNG Referential, TEPNG policies and procedures, as well as Total Group Business rules and Ethics, in order to minimize any potential partner/audit claims or court actions.
  • To train & to assist members of his team, and when possible other departmental staff.


SERVICES Description:

  • Imbibe the ‘Duet’ & ‘Triplet’ philosophy to enhance rapid responses from Stock and Material Technical Administrators in the ASSETS. Regular meetings and attendance of ASSETS weekly meetings are compulsory
  • Perform, evidence and document all assigned SOA controls required to achieve SOX and Audit compliances
  • Provide procurement supervision and mentoring services for a team of buyers and provide technical assistance for Purchasing services
  • Perform analysis of assigned PR’s (& assign) after self-assurance of adequate material specification, budget authorizations and relative cost centers. Follow-up PR’s until PO creation, including resolving related issues and completing the expediting process until vendor payment.
  • Use and encourage the use of e- sourcing tools by COMPANY to meet up with a target of events set for the Purchasing Division.
  • Apply TOTAL Group approved strategic sourcing methodology to the procurement process;
  • Prepare, negotiate and administer a broad range of complex, technical and high value/risk purchases, applying knowledge and experience of commercial, insurance and legal issues, using COMPANY General Terms and Conditions.
  • Follow-up and ensure PO performance including expediting till the delivery point and payment of supplier invoices
  • Provide vendor performance evaluation services
  • Apply and encourage the use of Market Intelligence tools (Market, Suppliers, Cost Models, target prices, etc.).
  • Cooperate in terms of transversal relationship is primordial in this tasks in managing unforeseen operational issues of immense impact.
  • Perform any other tasks as assigned from time to time by COMPANY.


Required Qualifications / experience

  • A Degree in Engineering, Business Management or Social Sciences. Qualifications in Purchasing & Supply chain Management is definitely an added advantage
  • Membership of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply (CIPS international or Nigeria)
  • 10 to 15 years Oil and Gas Industry experience with a minimum of 3 years experience as a Senior Buyer. A stock management experience would be an added advantage
  • Strong communication and analytical skills are necessary for a range of complex internal and external negotiations
  • Knowledge of SAP/R3, BW, e-sourcing tool (Ariba) and e-transit tool required.
  • Requires a very good interpersonal relationship, conviviality, capacity of anticipation, analysis and synthesis
  • Good communication skills.
  • Fluent in English, French will be an advantage



Nes Global Talent Vacancy

Construction Supervisor
Location: Africa: Nigeria
Type: Contract
Posted: 7 Mar 2013
Reference: 10622

A Construction Supervisor required for an FPSO project offshore Nigeria. The position is responsible for activities offshore on schedule and according to HSE regulations. Manages a multi-disciplinary technical team from contractor, offshore efficiently and in a good working spirit. Supervises contract staff / construction and rigging contractors with large work force. Prepares or provides support to the Construction Superintendent daily reports preparation.


Pipeline and Riser Specialist
Location: Africa: Nigeria
Type: Contract
Posted: 4 Mar 2013
Reference:  7404

Operator- Residential in Nigeria- EXPAT Package

NES Global Talent is a leading global technical recruitment company providing professional contract and direct staff to a diverse world-wide client base within the Oil & Gas Industry. Our client, an International Operator have an opportunity for a Pipeline and Riser Specialist to work on a large deep water development on a contract basis in Lagos.


Supervision of Engineering Contractor review and overseeing all Engineering documentation.
Assisting in manufacturing, Testing, Installation and Pre-commissioning.
Ensure contractor complies to basis of design and project specifications.

Qualifications and experience

Degree Educated
10 Years+ Experience in Pipeline and Riser engineering.
5 Years experience in deep water projects.
Fluent English

This is an excellent opportunity to make the move into an Operator who are well known for their high-profile pioneering projects. The successful applicant will receive a full expatriate package including NET daily rates, travel and flight allowance accommodation, schooling and living allowance.

For further information regarding this role or to discuss other opportunities, please contact Rosie Potter


Latest Vacancies in May and Baker Nigeria Ltd




Date posted: 2013-02-28

To apply visit: http://www.may-baker.com/index.php?option=com_recruitmentmanager&task=apply&jid=117&uid=0&action=apply&Itemid=62

Latest Job Vacancies  at RusselSmith Nigeria Limited

Please note that the job title and reference code are to be quoted in full in the appropriate column. Any application that does not adhere to the application guidelines on each field will be cancelled.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Multiple applications will be disqualified.

The submitted CV is to be titled in the applicant’s full name e.g. “THOMPSON DANIEL GEORGE”.


Position: Business Strategy Analyst
Job Reference Code: RS-CSD-001

Summary of Functions:
• Identify, distinguish and analyze multiple components of a problem and then make conclusions using high-level quantitative skills and where necessary make recommendations for business change.
• Elicit requirements for strategy through interviews, document analysis, surveys, site visits, business process descriptions, case study, scenarios, business analysis, task and workflow analysis.
• Critically evaluate information gathered from multiple sources, reconcile conflicts, decompose high-level information into details, abstract up from low-level information to a general understanding, and distinguish user requests from the underlying true needs.
• Proactively communicate and collaborate with external and internal customers to analyze information needs and functional requirements and deliver the needed functional requirements (Business Requirements Document).
• Utilize your experience in using enterprise-wide requirements definition and management systems and methodologies required.
• Work independently with users to define concepts and under direction of departmental managers.
• Drive and challenge business units on their assumptions of how they will successfully execute their plans.
• Develop requirements specifications according to standard templates.
• Identify, distinguish and analyze multiple components of a problem and then make conclusions using high-level quantitative skills and where necessary make recommendations for business change.
• Perform strategic operations analysis, identifying performance trends, scanning business/industry trends, reviewing sales/financial analyses and interpreting data.
• Use strategic thinking to see the big picture, determine the problem and understand fundamental parts of the problem.
• Identify business/industry trends in customer lifestyle and technology; scan competitive landscape; analyze consumer data
• Provide data and thorough project recommendations to support strategic decision-making
• Provide input on strategy, based on knowledge of industry and technology trends
• Synthesize findings from analysis and make verbal/written recommendations to Management
• Facilitate workout problem-solving strategy sessions with functional leaders across the company
• Prepare and deliver insights and recommendations based on analyses.
• Performs other duties as requested.

We are committed to maintaining a safe, healthy and pollution-free environment.

Experience Required: 0-2 years

Skills/Qualifications Required:
• A university degree. Masters degree in Business Management is an added advantage
• At least a year of strategic analysis job experience is required
• Experience in working within fast-paced, complex, dynamic, multi-cultural business environment
• Good strategic thinking skills
• Ability to drive components of large multi-functional projects
• Self-starter, strong initiative & leadership
• Good reasoning skills
• Ability to adapt quickly
• Data Analysis skills using Excel, PowerPoint, and Access
• Strong analytical and quantitative skills such as statistics and data analysis
• Ability to work with spreadsheets and other quantitative modeling
• Ability to build relationships at all levels within an organization
• Ability to discuss & present complex strategic topics at a senior management level
• Good project management and organizational skills
• Ability to handle multi-tasking environment, meet deadlines, and work with a wide range of sensitive and confidential issues
• Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite particularly Excel and PowerPoint

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Position: People Advisor
Job Reference Code: RS-PMD-001

Summary of Functions:
• Policy & Procedures- Under the direction of the Management, formulate develops, implements and updates personnel policies, procedures and forms for the effective management of the employees
• Legal Compliance- Stays current with laws and regulations affecting personnel issues, employment practices or trends and recommends new or revised policies and procedures as appropriate.
• Rewards- Responsible for computation of monthly payroll, budget (monthly & annual), payment of consultant monthly salaries, pensions and benefits.
• Salary Survey- Under the directive of the Management conducts a Compensation/Market Rate Review & Analysis. Prepares a Compensation Summary, which comprises of the present base pay of the staff, the results of the performance appraisal process, and the external competitiveness of the marketplace.
• Manage the grading and pay structure of prospective employees. Issuance of employment contracts and agreements, employee probationary and confirmation process (background screening & credential verification)
• Employee Relations- Investigates a variety of Human Resources related issues (e.g. Wage, Harassment, Discrimination, employee disputes, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring that effective, legally compliant resolutions are arrived at in a timely manner and within defined guidelines. Manage administration of all matters with reference to employee engagement
• Employee Discipline- Manages and acts as an advisory channel of the company’s disciplinary process. Ensure employees strict compliance to the stipulated code of conduct, rules and regulations to ensure continual productivity and efficiency and forestall chaos, corruption and disobedience in the company.
• Manage and file all employee documentary evidence to support employees’ leave records (Annual, Compassionate, Examination, Paternity, Maternity, Sick, Study, Voluntary Unpaid and Involuntary Unpaid Leave)
• Event Management- Coordinate the company’s events & meetings (Annual Dinner, Management & Staff Retreat).
• Departmental Reports- Generate the required weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annually and annually reports and presentations.
• To provide comprehensive, effective and efficient administrative support. Organize, maintain and review all employee employment records
• Organization Design & Development- Maintains overhead cost and headcount; company organization charts and employee directory. Develop and define employees’ job functions & Role Responsibilities.
• Change Management- Act as a change catalyst during the company’s restructuring programs
• Separation- Computes the final settlement (entitlement or indebtedness); coordinates and participates in completion of terminations and exit interviews.
• Act as a central point of reference for internal and external queries with reference to employee relations. Provide information and answer questions on routine matters, ensure telephone and email enquiries are dealt with to a high professional standard and maintain confidentiality
• Assists and supports department managers and all employees regarding personnel issues. Answers employee questions regarding personnel policies, procedures and benefits; researches and disseminates topical or timely information to managers and/or employees on personnel issues.
• Performs other related duties as required or as assigned.

Experience Required: 3-5 years

Skills/Qualifications Required:
• A university degree in human management; social sciences, legal or related field is preferred.
• Professional Certification- human resources is an added advantage
• Good communication(oral and written) skills
• Good people management and relationship skills
• Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office Tools (i.e. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)
• Good leadership skills are beneficial
• Good presentation skills
• Good team spirit and project management skills
• Good organizational and administrative skills
• Good problem solving and reasoning skills
• Good interpersonal and relational skills
• Strong quantitative skills such as statistics and data analysis skills
• Good reasoning skills; multi-tasking skills and organizational skills
• Exhibits attentive to details, initiative, responsibility and flexibility
• Familiarity with personnel laws and regulations is required

Position: Finance Analyst
Job Reference Code: RS-FD-002

Summary of Functions:
• Carrying out invoicing, credit control, budgeting and analysis of accounts receivable related records.
• Receives departmental and project budgets; analyzes budgets, budget monitoring and forwards analysis to the Chief Accountant and or H.O.D.
• Receives daily project progress reports for preparation and processing client invoices.
• Client payment invoice tracking.
• Prints, verifies, maintains and analyzes accounts receivables reports and aging reports; expected date of revenue; actual date; days overdue.
• Client purchase order analysis and tracking.
• Financial analysis of company and projects; determining profitability of company and projects.
• Administers preparation of interim, year-end and comparative financial reports; performs and provides analysis of current results to prior periods and/or budget.
• Prepares required government reports as directed by the Chief Accountant and or H.O.D and responds to inquiries as necessary.
• Calculating financial ratios and valuation.
• Maintains fixed asset records and control; determines depreciation terms/rates to apply to capitalized items; prepares property tax returns for review by the Chief Accountant and or H.O.D.
• Foreign Exchange Management.
• Working Capital Management.
• Managing Bank relationships.
• Treasury Management, functions.
• Performs other duties as requested.

Experience Required: 0-2 years

Skills/Qualifications Required:
• A university degree in finance preferred.
• Must possess intermediate knowledge of financial systems and familiarity with accounting and spreadsheet applications is required.
• Strong quantitative skills such as statistics and data analysis skills
• Good reasoning skills; communication skills; multi-tasking skills and organizational skills
• Good analytical and data analysis skills
• Exhibits initiative, responsibility, flexibility and leadership.
• Ability to maintain flexible attitude and approach towards assignments and successfully operate under guidelines.
• Must possess working knowledge of regulatory bodies relating to payroll, taxes and general business financial conditions.
• Must be proficient in MS Office software – Word, Excel.

Position: Finance Coordinator
Job Reference Code: RS-FD-001

Summary of Functions:
• Responsible for coordinating financial reporting activities for the company.
• Ensures that accounting and reporting policies or guidelines comply with Management’s instructions, industry practices and regulations.
• Carrying out invoicing, credit control, budgeting and analysis of accounts receivable related records.
• Budget Planning- Monitors company’s finances, setting financial priorities and creating budgetary goals. Receives departmental and project budgets; analyzes budgets, budget monitoring and forwards analysis to the Chief Accountant and or H.O.D
• Reconciles bank statements, daily charges and cash, cheques and bankcard payments.
• Process, code, balance, and post payments and bankcards received.
• Review and correct claim edits.
• Responsible for matters related to funding and money management. Supervise the receipt and disbursement of money, as well as in planning for the company’s financial future. Reviews them for accuracy.
• Keep track of the money going into and coming out of an organization. This includes monitoring the accounts payable and the accounts received, as well as tracking and cataloging the progress of invoices.
• Monitors loans and accounts payable and receivable to ensure that payments are up to date
• Reports and Documentations- Develops and reviews financial reports and documentations, whether internal or external. This will include tax forms, financial disclosures, and memos or letters informing relevant parties of the company’s financial state
• Detecting Financial Irregularities- In charge of detecting and, where possible, correcting any financial irregularities. This can include funds that appear to be missing, accounting books that don’t add up or discrepancies in invoices.
• Audit Preparation- Coordinates and prepares pertinent information for external accounting firm and auditors in strict adherence to the company’s procedures.
• Codes data for input to financial systems according to company’s procedures.
• Record and prepare financial statements that adhere to generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), regulatory requirements and company policies.
• Performs other duties as requested.

Experience Required: 3-5 years

Skills/Qualifications Required:
• A university degree in accounting or finance preferred.
• Professional certification will be an added advantage
• 2-3 years of related financial/accounting experience.
• Strong quantitative skills such as statistics and data analysis skills
• Good reasoning skills; communication skills; multi-tasking skills and organizational skills
• Strong analytical and data analysis skills
• Exhibits initiative, responsibility, flexibility and leadership.
• Ability to maintain flexible attitude and approach towards assignments and successfully operate under guidelines.
• Must possess working knowledge of regulatory bodies relating to payroll, taxes and general business financial conditions.
• Must be proficient in MS Office software – Word, Excel.
• Must possess intermediate knowledge of financial systems and familiarity with accounting and spreadsheet applications is required.

Position: Account Assistant
Job Reference Code: RS-FD-01

Summary of Functions:
Assisting the Accounts Unit including receiving and matching invoices, account coding, preparation of disbursements and accounts payable related record keeping.
• Receives and processes vendor invoices and internal check requests; maintains open files for purchase orders, packing/receiving slips and matches to invoices. Verifies invoices for quantity, unit pricing, extensions and applicable discounts. Obtains approval from appropriate personnel for payment for miscellaneous invoices.
• Codes invoices with accounting account numbers according to distribution in the general ledger; determines dates for invoices to be paid; keys invoices into computerized accounts payable system. Maintains alphabetical open invoice file for unpaid invoices.
• On a weekly basis, reviews invoices scheduled for payment and a special check request with Chief Accountant, prints approved checks, prepares and routes for signature according to check signing authority.
• Attaches duplicate copy of checks to original invoices, stamps invoices “Paid” and files in permanent records.
• Prints, verifies and maintains accounts payable voucher reports, open/aging reports, disbursement reports, and journals.
• Receives and answers phone calls from vendors or other departments in regard to payment status of invoices.
• Performs other accounting duties as requested.

Experience Required: 0-2 years

Skills/Qualifications Required:
• A university degree in accounting preferred
• Good communication skills and the ability to work well with people is essential
• Familiarity with accounting and spreadsheet applications is required
• Strong quantitative skills such as statistics and data analysis skills
• Good reasoning skills; multi-tasking skills and organizational skills
• Strong analytical and data analysis skills
• Ability to maintain flexible attitude and approach towards assignments and successfully operate under guidelines
• Must be proficient in MS Office software – Word, Excel
• Knowledge of relevant accounting and financial tools

Job Reference Code: RS-BDD-02

Summary of Functions:
Responsible for creating and building customer relationships while sponsoring interaction to obtain projects. Assist in developing and facilitating the proposal process for specific clients/sponsors including proposal writing, and customer presentations
• Contact current and potential customers, visit companies to evaluate needs, and promote sale of services, new and existing company services.
• Meets assigned company sales targets through the development and implementation of sales and marketing strategies, sales programs, promotions, efforts and events including goal setting.
• Develops service awareness in the marketplace to ensure sustained profit growth of sales in the company.
• Prepares written reports of sales activities including sales orders, backlog, forecasts, lost accounts etc.; provides timely briefings to the Management as necessary or as requested.
• Perform surveys and gather information on behalf of the company.
• Manage allotted sales account(s) of both existing and potential customers.
• Establish and maintain ongoing customer relationships with the various parties to anticipate and resolve potential problems. Participate in site visits.
• Meet and exceed customers’ service expectations as outlined in the department’s policies and procedures.
• Performs work with a constant awareness of improving processes necessary for positive growth.
• Performs other office duties as required or as assigned.

Experience Required: 3-5 years

Skills/Qualifications Required:
• A good university first degree is required.
• Previous experience in the Oil & Gas Industry with proven sales result
• Good communication skills and the ability to work well with people are essential.
• A commitment to service excellence and customer satisfaction
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills with the ability to communicate clearly and effectively in all situations
• Good relational and interpersonal skills.
• A strong team player yet still able to work independently with minimal supervision
Good problem solving, initiative and negotiation skills
• Excellent communication skills, exceptional organizational ability, high attention to detail, and ability to multi-task
• Be a fast learner, cheerful, with a positive attitude
• Good presentation skills
• Strong quantitative skills such as statistics and data analysis skills
• Good reasoning skills; multi-tasking skills and organizational skills
• Good analytical skills
• Exhibits initiative, responsibility and flexibility
• Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office Tools

To apply for any of this position visit this link: Visit http://russelsmithgroup.com/cv-submission/

AIM Consultants Ltd Vacancy

AIM Consultants Ltd requires the services of qualified candidates to fill the following positions:

1). Engineers (Civil/Structural, Mechanical (VAC & Plumbing), Electrical, Water Engineers)
Location: North & South

2). Planners
Location: North & South

3). Land Surveyors
Location: North

4). Quantity Surveyors
Location: North

5). Social Media Specialist
Location: South

Applicants should email CV to jobs@aim-consultants.com

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.