Oando Vacancies

Vacancy Code: SSS/FT//22071
Vacancy Title: Senior Security Supervisor
Department: EHSSQ
Date Published: Feb 11, 2013
Closing Date: Feb 25, 2013

Vacancy Description

Functional Areas: EHSSQ
Reports To: Corporate Security Manager

The Security Supervisor reports to the Corporate Security Manager and is responsible for the implementation of approved company policies and plans on all Oando sites and locations within his/her area of responsibility, evaluating risks and threats therein and ensuring that the appropriate actions are taken to mitigate the risks.

·          Supervise regional security supervisors
·          Ensure smooth security operations and administration of all facilities
·          Render daily security reports to the Corporate Security Manager.
·          Evaluate and report threats assessments on all security issues and activities and activities to the Corporate Security Manager.
·          Ensure correct implementation of all approved company security policies, plans, procedures and measures.
·          Maintain operation and administrative contacts with Government security agencies.
·          Co-ordinate, plan and supervise implementation of site security audits and assessment.
·          Establish and maintain an effective intelligence and security reporting system.
·          Collate and analyze received intelligence reports and propose solutions to the Corporate Security Manager.
·          Ensure that all security operatives adhere to Oando’s safety regulation.
·          Provide advice to operating unit to minimize risks exposure to incidents.
·          Implement journey management measures including escorts rules and procedures and movement for expatriates and staff.
·          Escalate security issues and requests for resources to the Corporate Security Manager.
·          Monitor and track all groups that target the company or products in transit.
·          Conduct site visits to access risk level of facilities and report to the Corporate Security Manager.
·          Provide expert advice for ongoing investigations.
·          Arrange and conduct security training programs for Oando’s security personnel.
·          Enforce proper handling controls for all confidential information.
·          Implementation of all procedures and measures regarding the security of vessels and aircraft during operations.
·          Conduct self-verification checks of security operations
·          Monitor all company security processes for possible mismanagement, fraud and inefficiency
·          Organise monthly meeting with security service providers and ensure they comply with the standard requirements
·          Assist corporate security manager with security performance reviews and development of plans
·          Assist corporate security manager with department budgeting and cost management.

Required Competencies & Skills
·          Personal Leadership skills
·          Time Management
·          Relationship and team building
·          Good interpersonal relations
·          Problem Solving
·          Decision making
·          Good Presentation skills
·          Proficient in the use of computers
·          Able to function independently under pressure
·          Incident investigation and reporting

Person Specifications
·          A good University degree
·          At least five years’ experience in a similar position with a multinational upstream oil & gas company
·          Certified Protection professional (CPP) from ASIS
·         Effectiveness in managing risks and proactive in proffering solutions to any security threats to lives and property.
·         Effectiveness in analyzing intelligence reports and usage.
·         Improved control in security processes

Vacancy Code: LPA/FT//53966
Vacancy Title: Lead PMO/Solutions Architect
Department: Information & Technology
Date Published: Feb 11, 2013
Closing Date: Feb 25, 2013

Vacancy Description
Reports To: CIO

Responsible For
Aligning future technology with business requirements, Strategy formulation, Budgeting, Financial management, Quality assurance, PMO, Enterprise architecture oversight

Overall Purpose of Job: Directly supports the CIO in evolving the digital strategy to drive the effectiveness of the Oando business while maintaining focus on providing assurance on service delivery across the enterprise. This role will play a key role in understanding and crafting solutions to business requirement, manage the PMO, provide supervision and advisory function for groups responsible for developing and implementing information technology initiatives that support the strategic objectives of the business; assist with budgeting and financial management with overall oversight for the enterprise architecture.

·          Provide supervision and guidance to project managers, coordinator, administrator, and business analyst on all IT project
·          Identify and carry out technology research required to deliver business objectives
·          Assist CIO in strategy formulation, budget planning, benchmarking, performance monitoring and reporting on strategic and operational plans
·          Assist with budgetary planning and financial management within IT&S
·          Assists the CIO in dissemination of knowledge and information to staff about the direction and progress of strategic initiatives
·          Perform cost-benefit and return on investment analyses for proposed business-IT systems to aid management in making implementation decisions
·          Review and analyze the effectiveness and efficiency of existing systems and develop strategies for improving or further leveraging these systems
·          Develop and establish quality assurance measures and testing standards for new applications, products, and/or enhancements to existing applications throughout their development/product lifecycles
·          Ensure business application/systems, data and technology aspects of the enterprise architecture are driven by the business imperatives
·          Assess business solution requirements and present architectural recommendations that are in line with the strategic vision for the enterprise and wider best practice
·          Work as a solutions consultant for both the centralized (IT Service Delivery) and decentralized (Business Information) IT&S functions architecting and supporting the delivery of all technology solutions to the business
·          Identify strategic and operational opportunities and risks, advising the CIO on an appropriate course of action
·          Assist the CIO to maintain an overview of initiatives across the organization to identify synergies, opportunities and overload
·          Develop and maintain IT&S business operations dashboard in a consolidated manner that tracks all functional activities
·          Perform constant project assurance and project status revenues aimed at ensuring “fit for purpose” process application and compliance while supporting improved project delivery performance and outcomes
·          Oversees various systems projects of significant magnitude in terms of complexity, cost, time-constraints, internal and external staffing, and equipment including software and hardware.
·          Ensure Project managers are aware of the project engagement Process, tools and guidelines that are necessary to enable them to successfully deliver their projects
·          Perform delivery process coaching and mentoring to IT&S project delivery community
·          Participate and drive programmes to establish new solution architecture capabilities
·          Possess a broad knowledge of most technical and business resources and uses them to effectively coordinate team members and external resources.

Key Performance Indicators

 Financial Management:
·          Actual spending vs plan budget
·          % IT cost vs. total revenue of the organization
·          % of IT expenses exceeding the approved budget
·          Saving due to productivity improvement initiatives

Project Performance:
·          % projects completed within schedule
and budget
·          % change in project scope
·          % of projects conforming to OORP practice

Strategic and operations management:
·          Number of improvement initiatives resulting from identified service weaknesses
·          % of IT&S Cost associated with IT&S maintenance
·          % of improvement in customer satisfaction
·          % of current business initiatives driven by IT&S
·          %IT&S spend relative to peers in the market

Person Specification
·            1st degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or other related area
·            Minimum of 7 years cognate work experience, 2 of which must have been at a senior level in a reputable organization/institution
·            Project Management
·            Sound knowledge of business models and technology architecture
·            Business Analysis, Strategy management, broad technical and cross domain capability

Required Competencies
·          Oil & Gas Industry Dynamics
·          Project Management
·          Ability to work under pressure
·          Strategy Development, Articulation and Execution
·          Budgeting & Budget Monitoring
·          Team Leadership and Time Management
·          Customer Focus/Service Orientation
·          Oral and Written Communication
·          Strong Presentation, Report Writing and Analytical Skills
·          Quality and Risk management

To apply for any of these vacancies, visit http://www.oando-cvmanager.com/careers/index.php

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