Enterprise Systems Consultancy Ltd. Massive recruitment

Our vision is to offer our clients unique and creative products leveraged on cutting edge technology.
With our fingers on the pulse, we are constantly exploring new and contemporary technologies; current avenues of communicating innovation and new ways of expression automation.
We intend to be at the forefront of creativity in this new arena, pushing the envelope in enterprise web application design and associated technologies. And we want to transfer that knowledge through our training courses.

We are looking for candidates immediately available to cover offshore positions in Nigeria:

Ref EP01 – Principal Project Engineer (Facilities)
Ref EP02 – Head Project Services
Ref EP03 – Principal Mechanical Engineer
Ref EP04 – Senior Project Engineer
Ref EP05 – Technical Safety Engineer
Ref EP06 – Lead Project Manager
Ref EP07 – Planning Engineer
Ref EP08 – Project Engineer
Ref EP09 – Principal Mechanical Engineer
Ref EP10 – Principal Pipeline Engineer
Ref EP11 – OR&A Engineer
Ref EP12 – Facilities Engineer
Ref EP13 – Senior Pipeline Engineer
Ref EP14 – Mechanical Engineer
Ref EP15 – Principal Mechanical Engineer
Ref EP16 – Principal Civil Engineer (Building & Infrastructure)
Ref EP17 – Principal Pipeline Engineer
Ref EP18 – Senior Facilities Engineer
Ref EP19 – Principal Assets Surv. & Optimization Engineer
Ref EP20 – Senior Assets Optimization Engineer
Ref EP22 – Shallow Offshore Development Concept
Ref EP23 – Principal Development Planner
Ref EP24 – Capacity Modeling
Ref EP25 – Head Project Engineering
Ref EP26 – Tank Rehab Lead
Ref EP27 – Facilities Engineer Tanks Rehabilitation
Ref EP29 – Head Management Reporting
Ref EP30 – Senior Cost Controller
Ref EP31 – Senior Cost Estimator
Ref EP32 – Risk Management Coordinator

Ref WS01 – Rigless Intervention Engineer/Supervisor
Ref WS02 – Front End Project Senior Well Engineer
Ref WS04 – Front End Project Senior Completion Engineer
Ref WS06 – Front End General Senior Completion Engineer
Ref WS07 – Night Completion Supervisor
Ref WS08 – DTLF
Ref WS10 – Contract Support Engineer
Ref WS11 – QA/QC

Ref DW01 – Principal Electrical Engineer
Ref DW02 – Principal Asset Integrity Engineer (IMR Coordinator)
Ref DW03 – Subsea Operations Supervisor
Ref DW04 – Lead Pipeline Integrity Engineer
Ref DW05 – Pipeline Engineer
Ref DW06 – Principal Pipeline Engineer
Ref DW07 – Senior Surveillance Engineer (HW)
Ref DW08 – Head Construction Engineering
Ref DW09 – Principal Control & Automation Engineer
Ref DW11 – Sr. Planning Engineer
Ref DW12 – Senior Systems & Umbilical Engineer
Ref DW13 – Principal Subsea Engineer
Ref DW14 – Principal Pipeline Engineer (Gas Export)
Ref DW16 – Senior Project Engineer
Ref DW17 – BSW/A SS & Umbilical Manager
Ref DW19 – Lead Cost Engineer
Ref DW20 – Lead Planning Engineer
Ref DW21 – Lead Project Engineer
Ref DW24 – Principal Asset Integrity Engineer
Ref DW25 – Senior Pipeline Integrity Engineer
Ref DW26 – Project Interface Lead
Ref DW27 – Principal Hull & Marine Engineer
Ref DW28 – Principal Riser Engineer
Ref DW29 – Senior Metocean Engineer
Ref DW30 – Senior Pipeline Engineer
Ref DW31 – Pipeline Engineer
Ref DW32 – Pipeline Interface Engineer
Ref DW33 – Principal SS Intervention Engineer
Ref DW35 – BN SS & Umbilical Engineer
Ref DW37 – Principal Technical Assurance Lead
Ref DW38 – Well & Subsurface System Intergration & Technical Lead
Ref DW39 – Head Construction Engineering
Ref DW40 – Mechanical Engineer
Ref DW41 – Principal Material & Corrosion Engineer
Ref DW42 – Principal Structural Engineer
Ref DW43 – Trainee Mechanical Engineer
Ref DW44 – Trainee Quality Assurance Engineer
Ref DW45 – Trainee Rotating Equipment Engineer
Ref DW46 – Principal Process Engineer
Ref DW48 – OR&A Lead M&I
Ref DW49 – OR&A Lead FPD/LL
Ref DW50 – OR&A Lead Marine
Ref DW51 – Lead Planning Engineer
Ref DW52 – IM Lead
Ref DW55 – Risk Management & MoC Coordinator
Ref DW56 – Senior Data Controller
Ref DW57 – Senior Document Controller
Ref DW58 – Senior Estimator
Ref DW59 – Trainee Cost Engineer
Ref DW60 – Senior Umbilical Engineer
Ref DW61 – Principal Subsea Controls Engineer
Ref DW63 – Senior Subsea System Engineer
Ref DW64 – Project Engineer Subsea Systems
Ref DW65 – Trainee Subsea Hardware Engineer
Ref DW66 – Trainee Subsea Systems Engineer

How to apply?
1. Send your CV to ESCNigeria@gmail.com
2. Enter the Ref as Subject of your email (i.e.: “Ref EP01 – Principal Project Engineer (Facilities)”
3. Attach scanned certificates (when required)
4. Include expected daily rate in the email (*IMPORTANT*)

1. Work rotation is 28/28 therefore two resources will be hired for each position (back-to-back).
2. We will provide STR visa as well as tickets, medical and life insurance and travel expenses for non Nigerians.
3. For Nigerians there will be a personal interview before recruitment.
4. Recruitment process will start by March 2013.

You can visit: www.escng.com or http://dl.dropbox.com/u/84019106/JobSeeker/Positions.html for confirmation

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