MTN Nigeria Vacancies

Careers in MTN Nigeria is focused on the strategic development of talent in line with the key business imperative of ensuring continuity through our key source of competitive advantage

Who we are looking for?

A true MTNer lives our values, uses success to achieve positive change, always strives to make things better and delivers results in line with our business objectives.

MTN Values

1. Leadership: Providing vision and guidance.
2. Integrity: Consistently doing what is right and delivering on commitments.
3. Relationships: Positively working together to achieve a goal.
4. Innovation: Being solution focused.
5. Can-Do: Believing that anything is possible.

Vacancies by category

Job title

Expiry date

Business Manager, Network Systems
Department: Network Group
Status: Permanent


Brand & Communications Coordinator
Department: Enterprise Solutions
Status: Permanent


Payroll Officer
Department: Finance
Status: Permanent


Regional Manager, SME Sales(West)
Department: Enterprise Solutions
Status: Permanent


Business Analyst (Pricing & Analysis)
Department: Marketing and Strategy
Status: Permanent


Business Solutions Specialist
Department: Information Systems
Status: Permanent

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