GE On-Campus Recruitment


GE visits campuses all across the country to find the best candidates for a position at GE. On-campus recruiting events are an extremely important component of the job application process at GE.
If GE does not have an event at your school, be sure to contact your local placement office for interviewing details. If you do not find your school listed, you are welcome to apply directly to a leadership program through its information page on this site.

Latin America
Middle East
United States


The recruiting process varies by country; in general here is what you can expect.
Applying online for a job at GE is simple:

-Upload your CV (resume) in the GE form
-Complete your online registration
-Complete the online questionnaire (in some Regions)
-Submit your online application

If you are applying for a specific job listing or program, locate it via the Job Search engine to see if there are any specific requirements for applying to that job or program. There is no need to submit multiple resumes over a short time period unless a significant change occurs. A cover letter is not required.

Selected Candidates Participate in a First Round Interview

If you are identified as a good match for a current job opening, a member of the recruiting team will contact you to conduct a first round interview. The focus of the interview is to determine your qualifications, interest and availability.

Competitive Candidates Are Invited to a Site Interview

If you complete the first round interview successfully, you will be invited to a site interview. These interviews are often held at the location where you intend to begin your career with GE, but this is not always the case.

Qualified Candidates Receive a Job Offer

The most qualified candidates receive an offer from GE. This typically occurs shortly after the site interview. Candidates will receive a written offer that details the position, salary, start date and sometimes, relocation assistance.

You can apply at any time, but some programs only review applications at a certain time of year, so it may be awhile before you hear back from us.

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