Worley Parsons

Completion Engineer
Job Ref: 25948
Job Location: LAGOS / EKET

Job Description
Worley Parsons has the skills and technologies to address all challenges, from small brownfield services contracts to mega greenfield projects.
Our service capability covers the entire asset lifecycle: from identifying the opportunity to the operating phase.

WorleyParsons extensive experience ensures that we provide project solutions with the lowest total lifecycle cost while meeting each customer’s specific requirements.
Our services go beyond new developments, to supporting operating assets through delivering brownfields projects which maintain asset integrity and improve business performance. By treating asset services as a specific business stream, WorleyParsons provides systems and work processes to deliver these projects effectively.


His/Her activities will be to act as the DA/Client representative (Completions) whether in the main office or at site.
He/She will be responsible for verifying all Systems Completions requirements associated with the work scope of project activities for all disciplines, i.e, Structural, Piping, Electrical, Mechanical, Process and Instrumentation prior to issue to Mechanical Completion (MC) and will be the Systems Completions signatory from Construction to Commissioning and the acceptance of a system or sub system via the MC certificate.
After receipt of the MC certificate the Completions Engineer along with the Commissioning Engineer will plan the Dynamic Testing activities and carry out live testing on the equipment or systems handed over from Construction. For a particular piece of equipment or system a Completions and Commissioning Procedure will have been created by the Completions and or the Commissioning Engineer (or Third Party) and it will be followed with each activity signed for as it is tested to Vendor Lloyds and/or our client satisfaction.
Each activity which is complete will be identified on a RFSU or Ready for Start Up document. Each RFSU will contain a Sub system or system or multiples of the same and all these documents together will add up to the system handover document.
This will in effect allow the system to be handed over to the client via a single sheet known as a System Handover certificate.
The Systems Completions and Commissioning Engineer is responsible for ensuring that the tests are robust enough to satisfy any statutory body and that they are fit for purpose. He/She will be actively involved in all testing and handing over to the operating company a vessel fit for purpose.
He/She is responsible for ensuring that all Certification, Completions, Commissioning and Handover Dossiers are complete and able to demonstrate the Technical Integrity of construction through to mechanical completion, pre-commissioning, commissioning & handover, including any vendor work scope documentation ensuring that all Client or vendors requirements have been met.
Ensure from start of project that all Engineering drawing system numbers are in line with the clients systems
Planning and coordination of all static and dynamic commissioning in the project
Overseeing subcontractor commissioning works
Coordination of vendor assistance requirements and schedule for all equipments, packages, etc
Assisting the selection of commissioning discipline specialists
Consultant to engineering during design phases to facilitate commissioning activities during construction
Support to field engineering during construction phase
Organization of work forces in various areas to maintain adequate manpower for the scheduled commissioning activities
Monitoring subcontractors commissioning crew manpower requirement, efficiency and productivity
Coordination of material and equipment requirements with planned commissioning schedules
Coordination of turnover activities and start-up support
Coordination of work efforts between various subcontractors and client specialist dedicated to commissioning and start-up activities


The signing of the Construction, Completion, Commissioning and Hand over Dossiers.
Signing and verifying all certification present and correct.
Advising and ensuring that they are delivered where and when they should be as per the project plan.
The creation and administration of the TQ Technical Querie/EQ Engineering Queries register. Any deviations to the original work scope documented and TQ’s/EQ’s are present where applicable and are closed out.
The creation and administration of the Punch list Register. Ensuring Punch list items where applicable are closed out.
All appropriate documentation TQ’s/EQ’s, Tool Box Talks is included in the pack.
All affected equipment tags / cables / line numbers have been updated.
Appropriate drawings have been as-built. Red Line mark ups are available.
Final sign off and Closeout Dossier signed for delivery to Client.
Deputise for Senior Commissioning Engineer when required. The above outlines some of the duties of the Commissioning Engineer but is not limited to the items in the list.


He/She must have the ability to communicate with project discipline engineers at all levels and give guidance on commissioning requirements as per the scopes of the project activities.
Attention to detail & high standard of work ethic, he should ideally hold an engineering degree or at least an HND in some type of engineering topic. A candidate with a minimum of 10 years Knowledge is preferred

Closing Date: 14 / 09 / 2012

To apply visit; https://worleyparsons.hua.hrsmart.com/ats/js_job_details.php?reqid=25948

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